Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bow hair band

fast and easy only takes 15 min.


cotton yarn,

2 mm crochet hook,





ch _ chain

dc _ double crochet

sl st _ slip stitch


ch 83, skip next 2 chains then dc in all chain around, fast off and weave in ends.

sew the button according to the desirable length making dc as button holes.

for the bow:

Row 1: ch 24, skip next 4 chains, dc in the next st, ch1, sk next st, dc in the next, repeat in the same manner till the end.

Row 2: ch3,turn, dc in the next space, (ch1, dc in the next space) repeat till the end.

Row 3 - 10: repeat row 2.

fast off, weave in ends.

sew the center and make several loops around as in the photo then sew it on the strip we made.

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